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Second Brain is a Notion system that helps you capture your notes, tasks, projects, and resources in one place. Harness your digital intake and expand your creative output with AI, faster than ever before.

Organise Your Digital Life

The AI Notion template you need to use Notion as your Second Brain — based on the Projects, Areas, Resources and Archive (P.A.R.A) method by Tiago Forte.

Template + Custom AI Tools To Enhance Your Projects, Resources And Notes

Access the template and our custom AI tools to capture, organise, distill and express information effortlessly.


Ideas, tasks, docs and meeting transcriptions, then summarise with AI


Group projects, goals and notes under Areas


Create reusable 'Lego Blocks' using AI. Complete projects quicker with pre-built elements


Content, products, coaching: whatever you create, do it faster with AI

Join over 42,000 people who use a Second Brain to stay organised

Unlock your productivity without the stress using AI

Lifetime access and one time payment.
Build a system that reduces overwhelm and take control of your work and life.

AI Second
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